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So you’re interested in exploring the Iberian Peninsula? Well you’re in for a treat. Regardless of your personal interests you can find it in Spain or Portugal and even discover new ones. From the North to South of Spain and Portugal you will find the influence of other civilizations thousand of years past — Romans, Visigoths, Jews, Phoenicians, Iberians, Knights of Templar, Moors and Celts — all contributed to what the Iberian Peninsula is today.


For official tourism information and visa requirements, visit these sites as well as their respective consulates:


European Air Traveler Rights

“Due to several unfortunate incidences with Iberia Airlines, I feel it is my duty as a travel professional to advise you to “be aware” while traveling.” Abril


Traveler “Be aware

– Of the possibilities — and your RIGHTS.
Print them out. Take them with you, just in case.

European Eunion Regulation (EC) No 261/2004:   regarding delay/cancellation rules.



This is a good summary page for delay and overbooking in general. EU info starts about half way down the page:


(informative about many passenger rights, but primarily domestic)


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