Tapas Tours

Available in: Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Granada and Palma de Mallorca

Tapas Tour
Tapas play a central role in Spain’s gastronomic scene. Much like Spanish traditional cooking, Tapas vary between regions, reflecting not only differences in ingredients and preparations, but also different lifestyles.

They can be traditional or creative, served on bread or independently, cold or hot, small or large. Even the names to order these miniature dishes vary, and what is known as Tapa in one area can be called Ración or Pintxo in others.

Whatever the name may be, there is no better way to savor the local Tapas scene than taking one of our private Tapas Tours, available throughout Spain, and perfect for families with children.

You’ll visit some of the most interesting Tapas bars in the town of your choice in the company of a local foodie, who will help you select the best Tapas based on your personal tastes and the regional or house specialties. No hurries, no fixed timing, no large groups… we’ll do our best to cater to your preferences and make you feel like a local.

Enjoy some of the best Tapas in town with your family & friends. And, beyond the food, experience what the Tapas culture is all about: the local rituals and customs, the seasonal preparations, the rhythms, the unique atmosphere…

Our private Tapas Tours are a delightful way to dive into the authentic taste of local life!
Class includes:

  • English speaking local foodie
  • Tapas and drinks of your choice at various selected venues (about 2 ½ hours)


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