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Available in: Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla

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Why not take some time out from your regular vacation activities to add some very special gastronomic enjoyment? Treat yourself to the amazing discoveries that Spanish gourmet delicacies have to offer.

Our gourmet tasting sessions last approximately one hour and are arranged in two parts. The first reviews the basic notions regarding the product at hand, and the second, more practical, is based on a guided sampling of some three or four different types of unbranded, high-quality product.

Our star: Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you’re in Spain and you’re a foodie, you probably know that Spain is the world’s leading producer and exporter of olive oil. Over the past twenty years, quality extra virgin oils from Spain have finally come to occupy a significant place among the world’s most important gourmet products. Indeed, Spanish extra virgins are highly appreciated, not only for their exceptional gastronomic qualities, but because they are so beneficial to our health… so what better place to come and learn about this prized liquid gold?

This original “break” from regular vacation time will undoubtedly shed new light on anyone’s view of this product, revealing an impressive range of varieties and nuances that can, in fact, be likened to the complex universe of wine tasting.

Got any other products in mind?

If you’re looking for something a bit different, similar tastings can also be organized with other emblematic specialties in Spain’s gourmet offer, such as chocolate and charcuterie.

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Cheese Experience in Madrid


Confess it, you don’t just like cheese, you’re crazy for it, so you’ll probably know by now that Spain is the land of a hundred cheeses… Well, if you visit Madrid and have a couple of hours to treat yourself, we’ve got just the right thing for you. Join us for a private tutored cheese tasting session, at Spain’s first major establishment dedicated exclusively to cheese.

Out of Spain’s one hundred varieties of cheese, about 90 of them are present at this shop, so there’s no better place to get to know them. Discover the distinctive qualities of different varieties, where they come from, the age-old traditions in their artisan production processes, so unique that most of them are manufactured under the protection of DOP’s (Protected Designations of Origin) that certify their authenticity… In every size and shape, be it sheep’s milk, cow or goat, sharp, rich, spiced or mild in taste, there will certainly be a cheese for you.

Our guide, a true cheese expert, will help you make your selection of some of the best cheeses of Spain, according to your own preferences. Enjoy them paired with a glass (or two…) of fine Spanish wines, while chatting with our cheese guru, and become an expert in your own measure!

Experience includes:

  • Private tutoring by a local, English speaking cheese expert
  • Cheese tasting based on your own selection of some of Spain’s best cheeses, paired with fine Spanish wine

Olive Oil Experience in Barcelona


If you are in Barcelona we propose a guided visit to the Santa Caterina food market with a tutored olive oil tasting at a specialized shop, plus a delicious lunch to follow, highlighting the uses of olive oil in cooking.

The Santa Caterina market is one of the oldest in the city and was recently renovated by the famous architect Enric Miralles. It is located near the Cathedral, in the delightful Gothic quarter, which you’ll find is a perfect place for gastronomical adventure…

Your tour of the market will help you discover the best of Mediterranean foods; fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meats, cheese, bread… a foodie’s dream-come-true, with a myriad of colors and scents in the hustle and bustle of local life, that are sure to awaken your senses!

You’ll visit a unique little shop that is specialized in olive oil, offering an impressive selection of this and other product from Spain’s most distinguished PDO’s (Protected Designation of Origin). With the help of your host and olive oil expert, you’ll be tasting four to five different varieties of extra virgin olive oils in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Each olive variety has a characteristic aroma that can be assessed through proper tasting. You’ll find it’s quite similar to the world of wines, and you’ll be amazed to discover the enormous range of flavors and applications for one of Spain’s star products, often referred to as liquid gold.

After the visit and tasting session, enjoy a mouth-watering lunch in a nearby restaurant. As you may know, the best chefs in the world are using olive oil to frying, baking, sautéing, poaching, making sauces, garnishes, even dessert! We’ve put together a specially designed menu to help you perceive the varied tastes of olive oil, when used with different cooking methods. The meal is, of course, accompanied by fine Spanish wines.

This small journey into the secrets of Spanish olive oils will stay with you long after you’ve left Barcelona…

Experience includes:

  • Guided tour of the colorful and lively Santa Caterina food market
  • English speaking, tutored olive oil tasting, guided by an expert: 4 to 5 extra virgin olive oils of different varieties will be tasted.
  • Full lunch illustrating different varietals and uses of olive oil, accompanied with fine Spanish wines.

Olive Oil Experience in Sevilla


If you want to add a special culinary treat to your vacation in Seville, we propose a private Olive Oil tasting session followed by a delicious meal. Taste and learn about some of Spain’s best extra virgin olive oil varieties, and enjoy a specially designed menu!

The tasting takes place in a specialized shop conveniently located in the old center of Seville, near the Cathedral and the Real Maestranza (bullfighting ring). The tutored tasting is directed by our expert, working with an extra virgin olive oil producer herself, who will introduce you to the world of Andalusian olive oil, the first producing region in the world. You will learn how to properly taste an olive oil and will put it into practice in a tasting of four different varietals that will allow you to experience the contrasting characteristics and flavors of Spanish olive varieties such as picual, arbequina, hojiblanca, picudo…

After the tasting session (about 1 hour), enjoy in her company a mouth-watering lunch in a nearby restaurant full of traditional Sevillian flavor. This restaurant hosts an arc made by the local architect who designed the famous Plaza de España… We’ve put together a specially designed menu consisting on 4 delicious tapas, one per each tasted olive oil, plus dessert, to help you to perceive the varied tastes of olive oil when used with different cooking methods. The meal is, of course, accompanied by fine Spanish wine!

What’s Included?

  1. Tutored olive oil tasting in English: 4 to 5 extra virgin Olive Oils of different varietals will be tasted
  2. Five tapas meal paired with different olive oils, including wine (dinner or lunch available)

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